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June 24, 2012

Welcome To saiful103a's World

In my previous tutorial I have talked a little bit about intent. So we have our intention to do something either explicitly or implicitly now it’s time to start those intent. And we do this via startActivity() or startActivityForResult() but why do we have two kind of method for this.

As name suggest startAcitvity will only take you there where you wanna go without worrying about getting any result from child activity to parent activity.
It’s real classic when you have a sequence activity to go through, like filling some information in every activity and that’s it.
What if you want an activity that uses information from other activity or may be other application. In that case you need more than just startActivity(). And that’s when comes startAcitvityForResult().
So it start another activity from your activity and it expect to get some data from child activity and return that to…

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